Cape Air’s Top 5 Holiday Travel Tips

The holidays can be a crazy time for anyone- between fighting the crowds at the mall to fighting those lbs from endless Christmas cookies, add traveling to the mix, and it may all seem overwhelming. Follow our holiday travel survival guide to make your holiday travel as painless as possible.

1. Give yourself extra time (and lots of it!)

This seems like a no brainer, but with the additional crowds during the holiday season, it’s even more important to keep this top of mind. Many major airports have a multitude of ammentities for travelers, so arriving a few hours ahead of time can grant you some time to peruse the shops, enjoy a massage, or indulge in a glass of wine. Even if you aren’t traveling through a major airport, you can relax with a good book while waiting at your gate. Sounds much better than racing through the terminal to get to your gate as they call final boarding, right?

2. Think ahead and save some money

The holidays can be expensive enough as it is with the endless gifts for family, friends, your mailman, the office Yankee swap- the list seems to go on and on. Save some money during your travels by thinking ahead. Pack a few snacks in your bag to avoid the high-priced restaurants and snack kiosks. Protein bars, granola, and nuts are all healthy, easy-to-pack options. Also, pack an empty reusable water bottle to avoid the astronomical prices of bottled drinks at the airport, then fill it up once you’re through security. Many airports have filtered water fountains now too!


3. Stay connected

Holiday travel can get even crazier with delays, cancellations, or dare I say it, major power outtages. Stay ahead of the curve by staying connected and consistently checking your flight status. Most major airlines have mobile apps, but you can also check on the airline’s website. Travel apps like Gate Guru also provide approximate wait times in security, which adds another level of ease.

4. Stick to a carry-on bag

Avoid the added stress, time, and sometimes added fees of checking luggage and stick to one carry-on bag if possible. This avoids the mad-dash to baggage claim and added time waiting for bags to arrive on the carousel. Additionally, in the case of a majory delay, you’ll have your necessities with you. If you need to bring heavier clothes for cold weather, try to wear the bulkier options while traveling to save room in your bag. Also, consider packing an empty bag for bringing back any gifts you receive or shopping you do during your travels.

5. Ship your gifts, don’t pack them

Don’t use up valuable suitcase space with gifts you need to bring with you. Instead, ship them to your destination ahead of time. If you must pack your gifts, do so carefully. Pad them with towels or bulkier items you’re already packing to avoid damage to your gifts. Also, don’t waste time wrapping your gifts if you’ll be packing them. Save the wrapping until you arrive in case security needs to unwrap them to properly inspect your luggage.


Regardless of where you’re traveling this holiday season, it’s easy to get there with Cape Air. Hop on a quick Cape Air flight, and you’ll be enjoying the holiday fun in no time. Book today at or by calling 800-CAPE-AIR. And enjoy the ride!

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