AWOL: The Newest Provincetown Hotel

Provincetown is a magical place. At the very tip of Cape Cod, you feel like you’re at the edge of the world, far away from familiar New England, while only a couple of hours from Boston. This small town is jam-packed with some of the most delicious food and the friendliest people.

We had the pleasure of going to Provincetown this September, one of the best times of year for a visit. The swarms of tourists have died down, but the liveliness of the community is unwavering. The crisp, fall air doesn’t hurt either.

When we heard a new, boutique hotel was opening in one of our favorite destinations, we had to check it out! We decided to take leave from the ordinary and check out Provincetown’s new AWOL hotel.

This vibrant retreat, formerly the Inn at the Moors, is nestled in the West End- just a short walk from shopping, dining, and nightlife, while offering a peaceful stay with gorgeous, waterfront views.

After we checked in, we treated ourselves to the complimentary nitro cold brew in the office then went to explore the property. Located at the beach’s iconic moors, AWOL offers a beautiful heated pool, multiple fire pits, and picnic tables, all from which you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery.


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AWOL’s rooms combine luxury, comfort, and a unique simplicity. Not to mention, each room includes its very own outdoor seating area. Again… enjoy the views!

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Once we were settled in and took a quick sunset dip in the pool, we took AWOL’s on-site bikes into town because a trip to Provincetown is incomplete without a burger from Local 186 and indulging with Lewis Brother’s Homemade Ice Cream.


The next morning we slept in and started the morning nice and slow with a complimentary breakfast in bed at the hotel, enjoying everything from scallion muffins, sweet oatmeal, yogurt and granola, and gourmet hard boiled eggs with greens– with more cold brew to wash it down of course!


While it was our first trip to AWOL, it certainly will not be our last. Just a quick 20 minute flight away, we will be back again next season!

Instead of wasting precious vacation time stuck in traffic, get there faster on a fast, frequent Cape Air flight from Boston’s Logan International Airport. Flying from beyond Boston? Cape Air has agreements with most major carriers, so you can enjoy baggage check throughs and a single itinerary, making your trip even easier. To book your flight or to check flight status, visit or call 800-CAPE-AIR.

AWOL hotel is a Larks Property. To learn more about AWOL or to book your next stay, visit their website.

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Get Swept Up With Cape Air

In recent months we have revamped our blog and gained a few new followers, and it has been quite some time since we have simply informed you about our services. Yes, in addition to sponsoring events and giving you the inside scoop about the amazing destinations we serve, we do in fact provide air transportation to such destinations. Plus, a lot has changed since our first flight in 1989, so here is a quick refresher…

Cape Air began in 1989 with one flight between Boston and Provincetown. Since then, we have grown immensely, now serving the Northeast, Caribbean, Montana, and the Midwest.


We now operate a fleet of 88 Cessna 402s, and we are getting ready to introduce the brand new Tecnam P2012 Traveller to our fleet next winter.

During high season, we can fly up to 525 flights per day, and last year we carried over 626,000 passengers, making us one of the largest regional airlines in the country!

Things to know about traveling with us:

  • You can bring your furry friends! Cape Air allows passengers to bring their four legged family members on board so the whole family can vacation together. (Read more about our pet and service animals policy.)
  • Connections are simple. Cape Air has agreements with most major airlines so our passengers can enjoy the convenience of a single itinerary and baggage check-through’s when making their connections.
  • Every seat is a window seat. On Cape Air, every seat is a window seat, so whether you are traveling over colorful foliage or clear oceans, you are guaranteed a beautiful view. Also, depending on space constraints, passengers are even given the opportunity to fly in the co-pilot seat- the best view in the house!
TJ_MGIA MVY 9K may242018 1A - Copy
(photo by Tim Johnson)

Whether you are traveling to a weekend in Nantucket, island hopping in the Caribbean, or need to get to Billings, Cape Air can get you there. To book your flight, check flight updates, or view flight schedules, visit or call 800-CAPE-AIR. And enjoy the ride!



Cape Air’s Top 5 Holiday Travel Tips

The holidays can be a crazy time for anyone- between fighting the crowds at the mall to fighting those lbs from endless Christmas cookies, add traveling to the mix, and it may all seem overwhelming. Follow our holiday travel survival guide to make your holiday travel as painless as possible.

1. Give yourself extra time (and lots of it!)

This seems like a no brainer, but with the additional crowds during the holiday season, it’s even more important to keep this top of mind. Many major airports have a multitude of ammentities for travelers, so arriving a few hours ahead of time can grant you some time to peruse the shops, enjoy a massage, or indulge in a glass of wine. Even if you aren’t traveling through a major airport, you can relax with a good book while waiting at your gate. Sounds much better than racing through the terminal to get to your gate as they call final boarding, right?

2. Think ahead and save some money

The holidays can be expensive enough as it is with the endless gifts for family, friends, your mailman, the office Yankee swap- the list seems to go on and on. Save some money during your travels by thinking ahead. Pack a few snacks in your bag to avoid the high-priced restaurants and snack kiosks. Protein bars, granola, and nuts are all healthy, easy-to-pack options. Also, pack an empty reusable water bottle to avoid the astronomical prices of bottled drinks at the airport, then fill it up once you’re through security. Many airports have filtered water fountains now too!


3. Stay connected

Holiday travel can get even crazier with delays, cancellations, or dare I say it, major power outtages. Stay ahead of the curve by staying connected and consistently checking your flight status. Most major airlines have mobile apps, but you can also check on the airline’s website. Travel apps like Gate Guru also provide approximate wait times in security, which adds another level of ease.

4. Stick to a carry-on bag

Avoid the added stress, time, and sometimes added fees of checking luggage and stick to one carry-on bag if possible. This avoids the mad-dash to baggage claim and added time waiting for bags to arrive on the carousel. Additionally, in the case of a majory delay, you’ll have your necessities with you. If you need to bring heavier clothes for cold weather, try to wear the bulkier options while traveling to save room in your bag. Also, consider packing an empty bag for bringing back any gifts you receive or shopping you do during your travels.

5. Ship your gifts, don’t pack them

Don’t use up valuable suitcase space with gifts you need to bring with you. Instead, ship them to your destination ahead of time. If you must pack your gifts, do so carefully. Pad them with towels or bulkier items you’re already packing to avoid damage to your gifts. Also, don’t waste time wrapping your gifts if you’ll be packing them. Save the wrapping until you arrive in case security needs to unwrap them to properly inspect your luggage.


Regardless of where you’re traveling this holiday season, it’s easy to get there with Cape Air. Hop on a quick Cape Air flight, and you’ll be enjoying the holiday fun in no time. Book today at or by calling 800-CAPE-AIR. And enjoy the ride!


Pilots- Get Off the Route to Retirement

For pilots, there’s a unique crossover between a career and a passion. The career is what you work so hard for, the one that pays the bills and supports families, the one that comes with seniority, travel, adventure and countless nights away from home. Then there’s the pure and simple passion for flight. A passion that was likely ignited at a young age and continues to burn flight hour after flight hour. The one that takes you to the skies, even on your days off. The passion is what started you on this journey, the one thing that makes your job more fun than most, one which you love and also get paid to perform. Not many people can truly say that they have a passion for what they do, but then again those people probably aren’t pilots.

For those with a career that they like, but not necessarily love, the thought of retirement is likely a happy one, but for those with a deep rooted passion, the perspective can be much different. For many pilots, the choice to retire, specifically from flying, is not theirs to make. With a mandatory retirement age of 65 for all Part 121 Operators, there is a hard stop attached to a pilot’s passionate career, at least with a major carrier that is.

Turn off Auto Pilot and Reclaim Your Seat

Pilots, did you know that your career doesn’t have to end the day you turn 65? Instead, it can be the start of a new adventure, a change of course in your flight plan; one that will allow you to keep your coveted corner office in the sky. Independent regional carrier, Cape Air, has several opportunities for pilots reaching retirement age who wish to continue their flying career.

Cape Air’s Gray Gull Program, provides pilots with an opportunity to get off the route to retirement, and continue flying past the mandatory retirement age. Being primarily a CFR Part 135 scheduled air carrier, age is not a factor, only the ability to maintain a First Class Medical. Currently, Cape Air has retired pilots flying from almost every major carrier!

Gray Gulls_2.jpg

Cape serves some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, which can be viewed primarily from the left seat of a Cessna 402 or ATR. With a robust route map across the Northeast, Midwest, Montana, USVI, BVI, Puerto Rico and Micronesia, Gray Gulls have the ability to continue their career as a pilot, receive full benefits and get back to the basics of flying. Imagine recharging your career just as you thought you were forcibly reaching the end.

Chart Your Own Course

If full blown retirement isn’t quite what you’re ready for, don’t worry, Cape Air has cockpit opportunities for today’s pilots. Cape Air offers full and part-time pilot positions for ATP/Class 1 medical holders, paid FAA medical, matching 401K, paid vacation and more.

There are two ways you can join the Gray Gulls program to keep your flying career active:

Full-Time: Cape Air pilots bid on a base by seniority with the potential to be in any one of Cape’s 29 pilot bases.  A Gray Gull would likely work a 4-on 3-off schedule (minimum 12 days off per 28) of about 40+ hours a week with overtime available.

Part-Time: Cape Air lists bases where part time pilots are required.  Pilots are scheduled in advance in their base for less than 30 hours per week.  This status can be held seasonally in some bases as well.  (You are on the seniority list for your first year; you will qualify for CASS privileges but dependent on your hours worked you may or may not qualify for certain company benefits.)

Cape Air Gray Gull Pilot

In all scenarios Gray Gull pilots are responsible for housing in their base.  However, if asked to help out elsewhere in the Cape Air network (TDY) and the pilot accepts, a hotel room and per diem would be provided.

Training is accomplished in Hyannis, MA and lasts approximately 4-6 weeks.  During training our Gray Gulls are provided a single occupancy hotel room and paid a minimum of 40 hours per week.

Interested in joining Cape Air through any option in the Gray Gulls Program?

For questions, please contact our Pilot Recruitment team via phone at 508.827.7883 or email at at any time.

Cape Air is dedicated to the development of skilled pilots through Established Pilot Pathways with colleges, universities and partner airlines. The airline offers internal and external gateway programs, which focus on the core development of each individual pilot. Pilots who come from Cape Air’s network, are know in the industry for their skill, world class training and MOCHA HAGoTDI spirit.

Click here for more information on Cape Air pilot careers!



Nantucket Stroll: A Weekend of Holiday Celebration

Are you looking to get in the holiday spirit and spend a weekend upon one of the most beautiful islands in the world? It sounds like you need to get yourself to Nantucket’s Christmas Stroll Weekend. 

An annual tradition for more than 40 years, “Stroll” is an opportunity to take in all that is charming about the holidays on Nantucket. Part of the larger “Nantucket Noel,” organized by the Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce, Nantucket Stroll is designed to showcase local retail offerings and holiday shopping. More notably, the decorations and customs of this weekend have become an international icon as trees line the downtown streets and carolers greet all visitors.


This year’s festivities will take place December 2-4th. As Stroll has evolved to include more businesses and visitors, the weekend’s events have also grown exponentially. Here are our top three can’t miss events:

1. Scavenger Hunt

Starting at 9 am Saturday morning, you can pick up your Stroll Scavenger Hunt 20-question brochure at the Chamber of Commerce Office at Zero Main Street. Created by Look Book of Nantucket author Barbara Tibbetts, this is a fun way to learn more about the island while enjoying a true Yuletide experience. Teams with the most correct answers will be in the running for a Stroll & Look Book prize package. Cost is $10 per team.


2. Town Crier & Santa’s Arrival

Later that morning at 11:45 am, gather at the Main Street stage to help the Town Crier ring in the 43rd Annual Stroll and then follow him down to Straight Wharf to welcome Santa Claus at 12:15 pm. In quintessential island style, Santa will arrive via Coast Guard cutter and parade up Main Street and Centre Street to the Jared Coffin House where he’ll visit with children from 1-3 pm.


3. Christmas Market

This is where the romance of Christmas comes alive in grand tradition as the aroma of delicous local food wafts through the air as shoppers pause to enjoy some refreshments, perhaps partake in a game or two and peruse crafted gifts and merchandise. Taking place at the foot of Main Street, Nantucket’s community non-profit organizations bring the age old tradition to life in their own version of a European Christmas Marketplace.


To look up flights or to book yours today, visit or call 800-CAPE-AIR.