Your Winter Getaway To The Adirondacks Awaits

Winter is here, and while many people like to run away to the sun and the sand, our favorite destination in the winter is right in our backyard, Saranac Lake in The Adirondacks.

Saranac Lake offers many things for visitors, from a reawakened downtown lined with restaurants and shops, to festive events, to cold-weather outdoor activities. Here are some of our favorites:

New Year’s Eve Celebration First Night

The First Night celebrations offers a shared cultural celebration to mark the passing of the previous year and beginning of the new one. More than a dozen acts in ten different venues will entertain you. Each performance lasts about one hour, and seating is first come, first served. Fireworks are lit off at midnight over Lake Flower.

Saranac Lake Winter Carnival

Running from February 1-10, the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival is a week of sporting events, parades, a gala, fireworks, and more. The carnival starts and ends with amazing fireworks displays. Miss the carnival? Don’t worry you can enjoy the ice palace all winter long!


Historic Hotel Saranac

Pampering more your style? The newly reopened Hotel Saranac offers the amenities of a high-end city resort, while set in cozy Saranac Lake. Enjoy comfort fare, craft beers, and creative cocktails at Campfire Adirondack Grill, enjoy top-of-the-line spa treatments at Ampersand Spa, or poke around Academy & Main, a shop filled with cut-above local goods.

Get Sporty

Just a short drive from Saranac Lake, visit Lake Placid’s Olympic Sports Complex and channel your inner Olympian. Visit the museum, check out the historic ice skating rink, or even hop in a bobsled if you’re feeling adventurous!

While this only begins to cover the multitude of options awaiting you in Saranac Lake, we hope this get you started planning your perfect winter getaway. Although it is far up north, getting there is easy!

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Hop on a quick Cape Air flight in Boston, and you’ll be there in less than 2 hours. With three flights each day, baggage agreements with most major carriers, and a single itinerary, traveling is a breeze. Book your flight today at or call 800-CAPE-AIR.

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Pack For Your Holiday Travels With Ease

Believe it or not, the holiday season is upon us! Whether you’re flying across the country or just driving a few hours to your in-laws’ house, traveling during the holidays can extremely stress-inducing. This holiday season, leave the stress behind you at home, and enjoy your trip with our holiday packing tips.

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Cape Air’s Cessna 402 in Martha’s Vineyard by Tim Johnson
  1. Do you need to bring presents for those you’re visiting? Why bother with the extra baggage? Either send them to your destination ahead of time, or keep it simple. A gift card or cash is always a great gift, and takes up little to none of your precious luggage space.
  2. Don’t check a bag. Forget about lugging around a giant bag, waiting at baggage claim, or worst case scenario- dealing with lost luggage. Pack light, and bring only one, small carry on. Using a rolling bag is easiest so you don’t kill your shoulder carrying it around the airport. If you do decide to check your bag, be sure to look up your airline’s baggage policy ahead of time so you’re aware of guidelines and any fees. Also, avoid checking any essential items.
  3. Make a list. We get it- packing only a small carry on is a frightening thought. But think about how many times you stuff a giant suitcase to the brim and then only wear 1/3 of what you brought? Before you start throwing clothes in your suitcase all willy-nilly, stop and write down what you need. Start with your toiletries and electronics, then organize your clothes by outfit- pajamas, dinner outfit, day 1 outfit. Not only will this help you avoid over-packing, but you’ll be less likely to forget items.
  4. Mix and match outfits. After you make your list of outfits, look back and see if there are any pieces you can mix and match for different looks without having to pack a lot of items. Have a super-chunky sweater you’re going to wear while away? Save space in your bag, and wear it on the plane as well.
  5. Do your laundry while away. Are you staying at your family’s house? They likely won’t mind if you have to throw a few items in the wash.
  6. Don’t forget to properly pack your liquids. If you’re flying, don’t forget about TSA’s liquid and gel guidelines. All liquids must be 3.4 oz or smaller, packed in a single, clear, quart-size, zip-top bag. If you’re driving, pack your shampoo, face wash, lotions, etc. in a plastic bag just in case they explode or you accidentally don’t close the bottles tightly!
  7. Use your personal item wisely. Don’t waste your personal item on a tiny purse. Instead, bring a larger purse or tote so you can pack additional items and save space in your luggage. Do you have kids? Bringing a larger tote leaves more space for books, snacks, and toys to keep them entertained.
  8. Pre-pack your snacks! Save money at the airport or on the road by packing your snacks instead of buying them on your trip. Not only will you save precious dollars, but you’ll be able to make healthier choices. During the holidays, those are two things that are hard to do! Flying? Freeze your smoothies, and keep in mind that certain foods like peanut butter and pudding are considered gels, so keep in mind the TSA guidelines. Easy-to-pack snacks include baggies of trail mix, pieces of fruit, 100-calorie packs of nuts, baggies of carrots and celery sticks with individually packaged hummus.
  9. Use packing aids. Having a really hard time not over-packing your clothes? Use the vacuum-sealed bags to shrink your clothes and be able to lay them flat. There are also other great packing aids such as zipper envelopes and compartments to keep your bag organized so you can fit more items.
  10. Don’t stress! Remember why you’re traveling. Yes, regardless of how much you prepare, things always happen while traveling- airports may be jam-packed and traffic might be at a standstill. However, keep things in perspective, and remember why you’re traveling, to be with loved ones during a joyful time of year! So if you forget to pack something, no sweat. Most things you can run out to the store and pick up once you’re there!

If you’re traveling across New England and the Northeast, in the Midwest, across Eastern Montana, or down in the Caribbean, check out Cape Air’s flight schedule. Serving 35 cities and offering over 400 flights each day, flying with Cape Air makes your holiday travel easy and convenient. To book your flight, check your flight status, and view Cape Air’s flight schedules, visit or call 800-CAPE-AIR.


Cape Air’s Top 5 Holiday Travel Tips

The holidays can be a crazy time for anyone- between fighting the crowds at the mall to fighting those lbs from endless Christmas cookies, add traveling to the mix, and it may all seem overwhelming. Follow our holiday travel survival guide to make your holiday travel as painless as possible.

1. Give yourself extra time (and lots of it!)

This seems like a no brainer, but with the additional crowds during the holiday season, it’s even more important to keep this top of mind. Many major airports have a multitude of ammentities for travelers, so arriving a few hours ahead of time can grant you some time to peruse the shops, enjoy a massage, or indulge in a glass of wine. Even if you aren’t traveling through a major airport, you can relax with a good book while waiting at your gate. Sounds much better than racing through the terminal to get to your gate as they call final boarding, right?

2. Think ahead and save some money

The holidays can be expensive enough as it is with the endless gifts for family, friends, your mailman, the office Yankee swap- the list seems to go on and on. Save some money during your travels by thinking ahead. Pack a few snacks in your bag to avoid the high-priced restaurants and snack kiosks. Protein bars, granola, and nuts are all healthy, easy-to-pack options. Also, pack an empty reusable water bottle to avoid the astronomical prices of bottled drinks at the airport, then fill it up once you’re through security. Many airports have filtered water fountains now too!


3. Stay connected

Holiday travel can get even crazier with delays, cancellations, or dare I say it, major power outtages. Stay ahead of the curve by staying connected and consistently checking your flight status. Most major airlines have mobile apps, but you can also check on the airline’s website. Travel apps like Gate Guru also provide approximate wait times in security, which adds another level of ease.

4. Stick to a carry-on bag

Avoid the added stress, time, and sometimes added fees of checking luggage and stick to one carry-on bag if possible. This avoids the mad-dash to baggage claim and added time waiting for bags to arrive on the carousel. Additionally, in the case of a majory delay, you’ll have your necessities with you. If you need to bring heavier clothes for cold weather, try to wear the bulkier options while traveling to save room in your bag. Also, consider packing an empty bag for bringing back any gifts you receive or shopping you do during your travels.

5. Ship your gifts, don’t pack them

Don’t use up valuable suitcase space with gifts you need to bring with you. Instead, ship them to your destination ahead of time. If you must pack your gifts, do so carefully. Pad them with towels or bulkier items you’re already packing to avoid damage to your gifts. Also, don’t waste time wrapping your gifts if you’ll be packing them. Save the wrapping until you arrive in case security needs to unwrap them to properly inspect your luggage.


Regardless of where you’re traveling this holiday season, it’s easy to get there with Cape Air. Hop on a quick Cape Air flight, and you’ll be enjoying the holiday fun in no time. Book today at or by calling 800-CAPE-AIR. And enjoy the ride!


Nantucket Stroll: A Weekend of Holiday Celebration

Are you looking to get in the holiday spirit and spend a weekend upon one of the most beautiful islands in the world? It sounds like you need to get yourself to Nantucket’s Christmas Stroll Weekend. 

An annual tradition for more than 40 years, “Stroll” is an opportunity to take in all that is charming about the holidays on Nantucket. Part of the larger “Nantucket Noel,” organized by the Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce, Nantucket Stroll is designed to showcase local retail offerings and holiday shopping. More notably, the decorations and customs of this weekend have become an international icon as trees line the downtown streets and carolers greet all visitors.


This year’s festivities will take place December 2-4th. As Stroll has evolved to include more businesses and visitors, the weekend’s events have also grown exponentially. Here are our top three can’t miss events:

1. Scavenger Hunt

Starting at 9 am Saturday morning, you can pick up your Stroll Scavenger Hunt 20-question brochure at the Chamber of Commerce Office at Zero Main Street. Created by Look Book of Nantucket author Barbara Tibbetts, this is a fun way to learn more about the island while enjoying a true Yuletide experience. Teams with the most correct answers will be in the running for a Stroll & Look Book prize package. Cost is $10 per team.


2. Town Crier & Santa’s Arrival

Later that morning at 11:45 am, gather at the Main Street stage to help the Town Crier ring in the 43rd Annual Stroll and then follow him down to Straight Wharf to welcome Santa Claus at 12:15 pm. In quintessential island style, Santa will arrive via Coast Guard cutter and parade up Main Street and Centre Street to the Jared Coffin House where he’ll visit with children from 1-3 pm.


3. Christmas Market

This is where the romance of Christmas comes alive in grand tradition as the aroma of delicous local food wafts through the air as shoppers pause to enjoy some refreshments, perhaps partake in a game or two and peruse crafted gifts and merchandise. Taking place at the foot of Main Street, Nantucket’s community non-profit organizations bring the age old tradition to life in their own version of a European Christmas Marketplace.


To look up flights or to book yours today, visit or call 800-CAPE-AIR.



Start the Season in Ogdensburg

It’s barely November and you’re ready to break out the red and green. We like your style. 

If you’re wanting to start the holiday season a bit early this year, hop on a fast Cape Air flight to Ogdensburg, NY on Saturday, November 19th for a day of fun and festivities! We’ve got the all the details so you can plan your day.

Annual Thanksgiving Craft Show

Get a jump on your holiday shopping and support the Ogdensburg Chamber of Commerce by visiting the Thanksgiving Craft Show, located at the John F. Kennedy Elementary School in Ogdensburg. The show will host more than 100 talented crafters, making it the largest show in the area. All items are handmade by local vendors and vary from clothing to baked goods to home decor – there’s something for everyone! Admission is $3.00 and food will be available for purchase. Doors will open at 10:00am and close at 4:00pm.


“Light Up The Night” Holiday Parade

After shopping all day, you’ll want to head to the 6th Annual Light up the Night Holiday Parade, beginning at 6:30pm. The parade will start at the Ogdensburg Free Academy High School on State Street, proceed down State Street to the Ogdensburg Dobisky Community Center on Riverside Avenue, and end in the Mall parking lot where the parade will disperse. The parade is organized and sponsored by the Lisbon & Ogdensburg Lions Clubs and the City of Ogdensburg.

2015 Parade (7) (2)

Bring the whole family, as children will be able to visit with Santa at the Dobisky Community Center immediately after the parade and enter a free drawing for a Youth Touchscreen Tablet. Pro Musica members will also be performing while children visit with Santa. Parents: Please bring your own camera or phone and be prepared to take your child’s picture sitting with Santa.

2015 Parade- Santa Mrs Claus Elf (2)

To get you in the spirit, Ogdensburg Pride & Beautification members will be serving hot chocolate throughout the parade and lighting up the Greenbelt area. You’re sure to enjoy a festive evening with friends, family and neighbors!

Sound like the perfect way to kick off the holidays in the North Country?

Then it’s time to book your flight to Ogdensburg – just a hop and a skip from Boston or Albany. Enjoy your trip!